Being an app developer has never been so easy.

Wapp is the most intuitive WordPress theme built for phone app developers. Everything done in Wapp is custom built specifically with developers in mind. Right down to the special features, and the accessibility of customizing it to make it your own.

But Wapp isn’t JUST for app developers.

Since Wapp is so versatile, it can be used for any type of mobile marketing as well as any general purpose business theme. If desired, it could even be turned into a business portfolio.


Wapp is built like a framework, but still retains the unique feel that comes with custom design work. This is because it’s built with basic formatting options, along with custom display features.

Monk Panel

The Monk Panel is our custom control panel that is included with all themes. It turns a lot of the customizing into 1-click functions. Such as logos, content, color schemes, and more.


Monkify themes are high-end, but still very flexible in terms of modifying. Start with something custom, and end up with something even more custom very easily and quick.


We’re constantly upgrading our themes and improving on them with functionality and error solutions. On top of that, we actively support all of our themes for buyers.

Watch the features come alive.

Check out our screencast video for a live demo of the great features built into Wapp. Watch us create a complete site in just 5 minutes using Wapp only using the built in options and custom shortcodes. — Watch Our Screencast!

Coding just got easy.

With WordPress we are able to take complex code segments and simplify them into short tidbits. We have created a big set of simple shortcodes to use, and included an easy-to-follow guide in the documentation. If you can hack your way with BBcode on forums, then our shortcodes should be a piece of cake!

Plenty of style options.

For starters, you can choose between 9 color schemes and button schemes separately along with assigning your own link colors. On top of that we’ve added in a plethora of premade display options via our Monk Panel and custom shortcodes. The example screenshot on the left was done in just 1 minute and with no coding whatsoever.


Included with Wapp is our great Monk Panel within WordPress Admin. This is a custom control panel with additional features and functionality. Allows for customization that doesn’t involve coding. How great is that?

Monk Panel isn’t just some generic options panel that
we throw up so we can list it as one of our options. We
do it because we feel it’s necessary, and we don’t go
lightly with the features. Each theme has its’ own custom
options, and sections that are built specifically for the theme.

Dropdowns. You love them.

No mistake can’t be undone.

The perfect theme for Developers.

Built for developers, whether you develop web/mobile apps, or you use themes to develop websites for others.

Ease of Use

Since Wapp is built to be so flexible and with a lot of preset options added and a simplified way of dealing with code, it provides the best ease of use.


Taking into consideration all of the styling options, colors, and easy-to-modify nature of Wapp it makes it prime for recycling for use in other projects.


This goes hand in hand with reusability, but Wapp is such a versatile theme that it really can be used for just about any type of site you need it for.

App Developer

Wapp was developed for the purpose of providing a business theme with exclusive features for app developers. It’s hard enough to develop an app, let alone market it and create a website for it. Wapp is a tool to make the website creation process a lot easier. We’ve catered a lot of the features for app developers.

Web Developer

Even though Wapp was built for app developers, it’s flexible enough to be used as pretty much any type of website. It’s perfect for any business out there due to the large number of features (portfolio, blog, custom pages, products page, etc.), not to mention a number of custom colors.

Check out websites using Wapp.

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